Considered one of the most scenic half-marathons in the country. The Ocala Horse Country Half Marathon will take you through the breath-taking course of Ocala's Horse Country.

Marathon Relay Team Rules

• Don't want to do it alone? Grab a friend and sign up to do the Half Marathon Distance as a 2-Person Relay Team.

The Half Marathon Relay combines the excitement of the exciting marathon with the camaraderie of a team relay event. The first leg of the race will be approximately 6.6 miles long. It will begin at the start line and end at the relay transition area. The second leg of the race will be approximately 6.5 miles long. It will start at the relay transition area and end at the finish line. It is strongly recommended that you join up and finish together to ensure you both receive your participant medals and have the opportunity to have your photo taken as you cross the finish line.Team Runner 1 will wait at the Relay Coral area, which is just outside the finish line to join Team Runner 2 for the run in.


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